A higher quality, fresher organic harvest, at a fraction of the cost and energy usage

A head of lettuce grown in California requires 100 gallons of water to produce. By the time it reaches New Mexico, it will have traveled an average of 850 miles. That same head of lettuce grown at Buena Tierra Farm in Albuquerque’s South Valley using hydroponic farming technology will require less than 5 gallons of water and be consumed within 100 miles of its growing area…all without pesticides and other toxic chemical additives.

How it works

Buena Tierra Farm utilizes Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) technology, a soil-free method of growing in which roots are unsupported by a soil medium. Typically, plants sit in a sloping irrigation channel. A nutrient solution flows downward from the high end of the channel, flowing via centrifugal force over the exposed roots, then down to the nutrient reservoir beneath the low end of the channel. The solution is then periodically pumped back into the channel to repeat the process again and again.

Because the process occurs many times in a day, this intermittent feeding cycle (sometimes termed, “pulsed NFT”) achieves better root aeration than traditional farming methods, since roots are exposed to air between feeding events. The results? Higher crop yields…and higher quality produce.

A hydroponic farm…

  • Can be located virtually anywhere & utilizes minimal land space
  • Uses 75 to 80% less water than a conventional farm
  • Means shorter travel distance,  fresher produce & lower transportation costs
  • Helps reduce ground water pollution
  • Greenhouse environment allows for a 365-days-per-year growing season
  • Makes plant disease control simpler and more efficient
  • Avoids the costs & hassle of supply and disposal in soil-based systems
  • Is entirely sustainable & helps keep money the local community